Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st run for HM training- speed work

I went to the gym today for my run. I like the treadmills at Planet Fitness, but I hate the manual programming on them. Mine at home is so much easier! Anyways, I did a speed-work drill that I still had written down from last year.

5 minute brisk walk
5 minutes at 6mph
4 minutes at 6.5mph
3 minutes at 7mph
2 minutes at 7.5mph
1 minute at 8mph

I actually did .5mph less because I knew I wasn't ready to tackle 8mph yet. I did a 4 minute walk and then went from 5.5mph - 7.5mph. I was fine until that last minute at 7.5mph when I turned into a panting, sweaty mess. I didn't have enough time to do the entire repeat so I just switched around from 6-7mph then did a 4 minute cool-down walk. I ended up with 3.25 miles in 33 minutes. Not too shabby!

Note to self: never take several months off running again because it really does take you back almost to square one :(

Breakfast: Overnight oats w/PB2 and vegan chocolate chips
Snack: Cantaloupe
Lunch/Dinner: Spicy vegan pad thai with a boat-load of broccoli

1.5 cigarettes

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Vanessa said...

Vegan Pad Thai! Yummy. Great run with the intervals and intensity - I need to do more of that!