Monday, August 6, 2012

12 weeks to Oktoberfest Half Marathon

I made a few posts over at WordPress. I want to like it over there, but I can't do it. Blogger is just so much easier to use, even with it's random quirkiness and issues. So I'm back. I'm also on Day 6 of not smoking. Well, mostly not smoking. I've had a total of 5 cigarettes since July 31st. That's less than 1 per day! Yay me!

My next half marathon is now 12 weeks away. That means my "official" training begins this week. Wednesday to be exact. I'm really not worried about the distance, but I am worried about speed. I'm going to be running with my brother and he runs about a minute per mile faster than I do. Then again, he is used to running 10k and his farthest run to date is 8 miles. So maybe he will slow down a little as the mileage increases. I can hope, right? ;)

Yesterday, we got my treadmill moved from the garage into the house, finally! Now I have no excuses (other than the puppy trying to get on there with me, and tripping me)! I should probably stop calling Lucy "the puppy" since she's 7 months old and 60 pounds now! She does still act like a 3-month old puppy though!

Here's Lucy at 4 months old

Gotta run to the store, and then we are taking Lucy out swimming/kayaking for a couple hours. Back later!

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