Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting nervous about race day!

I'm in the middle of my three 15-hour work days but wanted to do a quick check-in. Yesterday I made it to the gym before work to get in a 3.1-mile run, and today I managed two trips to the gym (before work and again at lunch), both consisting of the elliptical. I got in 3.1 miles in 25 minutes this morning, and 2.5 miles in 20 minutes this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm not sure whether to run or not because Saturday is my 10-mile race. Am I supposed to taper? I'm still a rookie runner, so I'm not sure of all the pre-race do's and don'ts. Oh well, I'm sure as long as I just do an easy 3 tomorrow, I should be fine. Or maybe I'll ride the bike. Hmm. Any opinions? Although I'm sure I won't have time to check before I get to the gym in the morning, Lol!

And on the chip front, I'm still going strong! Today was Day 8 of the #100daychipquest (at least 32oz water, no Chinese food, run 3x per week), and Day 23 of the #7daychip and/or #30daychip (track ALL food/drinks).

That's about it. Gotta hit the hay since I have to be up again in less than 6 hours. Nighty night :)

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Maria said...

Hi Laura, I am in awe of your fitness level! I can walk 3 miles, but run? Nope! Good luck on Saturday, if I don't get to comment/twitter you before then! I'll be thinking of you.

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