Friday, March 18, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I have been fighting a sinus infection the past couple weeks, and so I haven't been running like I usually do. I felt pretty good when I got up this morning, so after I watched The Biggest Loser (DVR'd from Tuesday) I immediately changed into some running clothes and went out the door. Wow, it was beautiful out today! 70 degrees with just a mild breeze- PERFECT! I was able to get in 3.5 miles before the golf course got too crowded and forced me to head back home.

2. Hubby works for a golf course and part of his salary includes a home, right in the middle of the course. I am so fortunate to basically have my own private running kingdom (and a horse stable!)  :) Other than those damned golfers who are always getting in my way ;)

3. I am obsessed with food! It's actually kinda weird considering that when I was fat I never even thought about food. Now I'm addicted to healthy food (and Reeses) and always thinking about new recipes (and healthifying unhealthy recipes), writing down every single thing that goes in my mouth, meeting all my nutritional goals for the day, etc...  I could easily spend hours and hours in the grocery store (and often do!) especially Trader Joe's.

This is seriously the BEST COFFEE EVER!!!


4. I love wigs :) Even when I had long hair I would sometimes wear wigs just to "change up" my appearance. Since I cut my hair short I can enjoy many more styles of wigs. My current profile picture is actually my real hair in the front and the wig starts about halfway back- it's the same EXACT color as my hair! Here are some others:

My hair in the front :)

5. I love Halloween and costumes! (probably where #4 comes from )  And I'm also kinda spontaneous ;) My hubby and I got married on Halloween, in Vegas, at a drive-up wedding chapel, in costumes! He was a pimp and I was (drum roll please) a bride, LOL! Strange thing was I didn't wear a wig for that!



Annie said...

Thanks for the tip on PB2!! I will have to try it...soon! :o)

Katie Johnson said...

I've always loved the idea of wigs. I like wearing my hair long and always pulled back but I also long for really short hair like Roni Noone's, which would totally make me look like a transvestite because I already look a little too manish. I keep telling myself I'm going to buy a super short wig to see what I'd look like. Tell me some good sites, will you? Cheapo sites.