Friday, March 11, 2011

Lazy Slug Day

I had such good intentions for today, and while I didn't forgo EVERYTHING on my list, I did much less than intended :(  First I overslept. Not such a big deal since it was my day off, but when I finally got out of bed it was 10am! For me, sleeping in usually means 8am at the latest! I immediately took off all the bedding and went straight down to the basement and got the first of about 10 loads started. I came back up and managed to get all of my "laying around" clothes put away, hung up, thrown out, etc... And I put clean sheets/bedding on the bed and vacuumed the bedroom. I started on the bathroom but then hubby came home and needed to go to the bank and run some other errands, and I never pass up going along for the ride as long as there's a skinny mocha latte from DD involved ;)  Got back home and made some lunch, did the dishes, did some more laundry, and then plopped down here in front of the computer. That was all she wrote. Never made it out for my run today (although that was probably a smart decision since I'm still not quite over this cold/flu/sinus whatever).

I just really have no motivation at all, and I HATE that feeling. Before I do another thing, I am getting on my bike for at least 30 minutes. I'll be back...


Ok, biked like a mad woman for 30 minutes and now I'm going to attempt to "remodel" my boring blog. Hope this doesn't turn into a complete disaster. Stay tuned...

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