Friday, January 11, 2013

Another good running week!

I ran every day again this week!

Monday: Because I missed my long run on Sunday I really tried to "work it" for this one. I ran 3.69 miles doing 2:30/:30 intervals with the running at 7.5mph. I felt GREAT!

Tuesday: Enjoyed Monday's workout so much I repeated it. 3.73 miles doing 2:30/:30 intervals.

Wednesday: Speed Progression. 5 minute warm-up then 5 min @5mph, 4 min @5.5, 3 min @6, 2 min @6.5, 1 min @7. Walk 5 minutes. Then instead of repeating I just ran @6mph for a few minutes. Did 3 miles.

Thursday: Ran 5.5 miles. Started with 1:30/:30 intervals then switched to 2:30/:30.

Friday (today): Slow, easy run for 3.15 miles. Had some tummy issues and also my knee has a huge "road rash" kind of burn. During my morning walk with Lucy yesterday I got tangled in her leash and went down with all my weight onto my left knee. Even ripped a hole in my jeans! It didn't hurt yesterday, but today it gave me some problems.

Tomorrow I'm taking a rest day and Sunday will (hopefully) be a 7 mile long run.

Other than that, I've been experimenting in the kitchen again. I found a blog with some spicy vegan recipes, and so far I'm loving what I've made! Buffalo-style cauliflower, Sriracha Baked Tofu, and Golden Potato Soup. It's all at Fo' Reals Mom. Go check it out!


Twix said...

Buffalo style cauliflower... awesome stuff. I am defininetly going over to check that one out. I'll take some! Thanks for the link!

Dogs and leashes... sorry you ripped up your jeans. Hope your knee feels fine by Sunday!

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Thanks Twix!