Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinus Infection = BLAH!

Not a whole lot has been going on. I have a terrible sinus infection which makes my head all groggy and puts me in sort of a depressed state.  I was supposed to start back at my old job on Tuesday but when I woke up to about 3 inches of snow and an ice-storm there was no way I was going to attempt the 2-hour drive! Wednesday wasn't much better so they will have to wait until next week to see me again!

Half-Marathon training is going well.  I've only missed one day, and that wasn't a run day so I don't feel too bad about that. It was Tuesday, which was Strength and Stretching, and I still haven't figured out quite what to do for this. I think Yoga would work for the stretching part. I'll work on coming up with some sort of routine for this by next week.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles in 27 minutes. Pretty good for being sick.  I think I went a little faster so I could get it over with. I HATE BEING SICK!  Today is either a 2-mile run or Cross-training. I think I may opt for the CT after work tonight. I can ride my bike while I watch the last couple episodes of Dexter ;)

Oh, I found my new favorite slogan...

This is from the folks at One More Mile. They have the BEST running shirts! And their customer service is great too! They even add a personal hand-written note with each order. Love these people!


nwkate said...

I have a lot of One More Mile gear - they are awesome in person, too! And I wish you fast healing. Take care of you. I might suggest that depending on the kind of yoga you are doing, you may not need any ST. If when you do your yoga you are doing core work, and strengthening your quads and hammies, and making your arms less wimpy, then you are doing fine. Serious yogis are very strong - think of those arm stands, one foot on your toes stand, etc.

Laura aka WonderWife! said...

Thanks Kate, you made my day! I don't know why I find ST so intimidating but just the thought of lifting weights- bleh! If I could get stretching and strength from yoga that would be so fantastic! Any DVD recommendations?