Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wahoo Fitness and iRunner

I've been sick since Wednesday :(  One of the girls came into work sick on Wednesday morning and within an hour I (and several others) caught whatever it is/was. Stomach pains, nausea, headache, fever... overall just feeling bleh!  I still did my run on Wednesday but as my speed progressed I could feel the fever in my head. I took off (work and running) Thursday and Friday, and by this morning I started feeling human again. I still have a slight fever but I wanted to run today, especially since I hooked up my new foot pod!

I bought the "Treadmill Pack" from Wahoo Fitness, which includes the Ant+ key, foot pod, heart rate monitor, and (useless) key ring thingie. I downloaded the Digifit iRunner app, synced everything, jumped on the treadmill, and off I went. I started the treadmill and app at the same time and believe it or not the foot pod stayed within .05 of the treadmill mileage the entire time! Even with doing 2:30/:30 intervals the pace and everything stayed right on track. I did 4.5 miles in 45 minutes according to the treadmill, and 4.52 miles in 45 minutes according to iRunner. I am super impressed! Especially compared to the Nike+ app, which although I liked the app itself, the distance was WAY off!  My only negative comment is that the Ant+ key sticks out of the charging port so you can't stand the phone upright on the treadmill and it's too large to fit into my armband. Also, the app seems to be a battery hog. I don't know if it would last through a half-marathon. But then again, I would wear my Garmin for outside runs so I guess it doesn't really matter, Lol!

As for using the heart rate monitor with the app, I liked that too! You enter your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate and then as you're running, the app alerts you each time you enter a different zone. It also gives a summary at the end. You can share the iRunner results with a whole slew of different apps including Facebook, Twitter, Daily Mile, Runkeeper, etc...  The only problem I had with this part was that Runkeeper only showed up as .09 mile total because I guess it tried reading the GPS start and stop locations. Not a big deal though- I just went in and edited it :)

I would definitely recommend both the iRunner app and the Wahoo Fitness "Treadmill Pack" :)

Now I must go back to bed before my head explodes.


Caron said...

Hope you are completely well very soon. I'm glad you are enjoying running too. :)

Unknown said...

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