Friday, September 30, 2011

Under Construction

I'm about to start redecorating so if you see anything weird here just ignore it.  I will post something once I'm done, hopefully within the hour.  Unless of course, something goes terribly wrong, which is altogether possible.   If that ends up being the case, I'll be back with a link to somewhere else ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Pigs Fly?

As I sit here with one lost toenail, another one black and about to go, a pulled hamstring, sore knee and aching feet, I’ve decided to run a marathon!  I’m leaning towards the Flying Pig marathon on May 6, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I haven’t completely decided yet.

It’s been one week and two days since I ran the Philadelphia Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon. Up until the gun went off I couldn’t figure out what the hell I thought I was doing lined up with all those people, crammed into corrals like cans of sardines. For the 48 hours leading up to the race I was a complete wreck. Nerves like jelly, stomach all tied up in knots. Couldn’t sleep.  You see, I’m a total introvert.  Even after losing all the weight (and keeping it off for more than 2 years now) I still have self-esteem issues.  I’m terrified of being around people, especially runners.  I don’t know why, but I feel like a fraud.  Other than when the gun goes off and I can just run, when will I ever feel like I fit in?! 

But that’s just it!  Once the gun goes off I no longer care about anything else.  I am in my zone, doing what I love to do. I will admit that I still prefer to run by myself (and not have to “deal” with other people) but as long as I’m running, I’m happy :)  And now that I’ve conquered the half-marathon, it’s time for a new goal! Mission:Marathon!  Which leads me to the next thing… this blog.

So here’s what I really want to do with this blog:

  1. A training log (food/fitness) as I embark on the journey to become a marathoner.
  2. A journal to sort out my feelings and work on my insecurities.
  3. A connection to those of you who are either going through the same things I am, or that I/you have already gone through (i.e., WW, weight-loss, adapting a plant-based/Vegan diet/lifestyle, etc…).  

I actually began writing a new blog over at Wordpress, but decided that I am just going to stay here instead.  I like that Blogger is connected to Google and I can keep everything somewhat together. 

Over the next few days, I’ll be doing some redecorating and most likely changing the name of my blog (and maybe even buying a new domain) so stay tuned…

Oh, and my new Ghosts came today so I’ll leave you with this:

Monday, September 19, 2011

3, 2, 1... Half Marathon!

So yesterday was a huge milestone for me. It was 3 years ago yesterday that I joined Weight Watchers because my weight was creeping back towards the 200-pound mark (I had previously gotten all the way up to 240 and then lost 100 pounds on my own). Shortly after joining WW, I found and joined SparkPeople, though I didn't really take advantage of all the wonderful tools there until much later.

2 years ago I reached my goal weight of 114 pounds :)

1 year ago I completed the Couch to 5k (C25k) program and never looked back! Since then I've ran 5k, 10k, and 10-mile races. I ♥ Running!

6 months ago I registered for a half marathon. During (what was supposed to be) a 10-mile long run, I kept going and actually ran 13.1 miles on my treadmill. I think I just wanted to be sure I could do it.

4 months ago I eliminated all meat, dairy and eggs from my diet and switched to a completely Vegan lifestyle. I had already achieved a healthy lifestyle prior, so my reasons for doing this were/are completely based on the horrendous treatment to farm animals. I'm now an advocate/activist for Farm Sanctuary, and even adopted a duck named Preston :)

P.S. Without even trying, I've lost another 4 pounds since going Vegan. I have more energy than ever, and have never felt better!

So this brings me to yesterday.  I (along with 24000 others!) ran the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon! I think there was only about a 10-minute period where I wasn't grinning ear to ear.

*Note for anyone currently training for a race: As Coach Nancy has mentioned several times- do NOT alter your diet around race day, even in the slightest amount. After grabbing and downing what I thought was a cup of water around mile 6, I was stricken with indescribable stomach pains and had to stop 3 times over the next couple miles at the port-o-pots! Turned out it was something called Cytomax (I think is similar to Gatorade?)- Ugh! I could have had (if not super close to) a sub-2 hour time if not for that! :(

But anyways, I finished strong! And because of all the people and having to weave in and out, my Garmin showed that I actually ran 13.64 miles, and I did it in 2 hours, 16 minutes, 34 seconds! Woohoo! And I got my first medal :) 

Monday, September 5, 2011

FMM and Week in Review


See that?! I ran a HALF MARATHON last Sunday! Woohoo! It was a good week! Smile  I also saw the lowest number EVER on the scale – 111! I have to really watch it now though. I cannot go below 109 or I’ll be out of the “healthy” range. I only wish someone would explain that to my flabby belly- boo!

FMM:  Favorite Things


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers.

1) What is your favorite food?  Peanut butter cookies!

2) What is your favorite childhood memory? This one is tough! I’m gonna go with something kinda silly since it sticks out in my memory: Winning the “Great Pumpkin” in 3rd or 4th grade. My favorite math teacher, Mr. Misterly, had to drive me home because it was too big to carry Smile

3) What is your favorite way to burn calories?  Running. Duh!

4) What is your favorite mode of technological communication? Facebook I guess? Texting, email… I wish I was better at Twittering ;)

5) Who is your favorite actor/actress? Ewan McGregor/Emily Deschanel

6) What is your favorite lip color? Something light pinkish-orangey reddish Winking smile

7) Who is your favorite historical figure? Gandhi

8) Who is your favorite athlete? Todd Zeile <3

9) What is your favorite TV network? I don’t really watch TV other than Dexter, Bones, and The Biggest Loser (which are on 3 different networks!) so I’m gonna have to go with Netflix on this one, Lol!

10) What is your favorite site on the web? Wow, so many to choose from. If I could only pick one, I would have to go with

Ok, you’re turn! Happy Labor Day and have a great week!