Sunday, May 29, 2011

Under Construction

As I mentioned previously, I want to give my blog a "makeover."  I started messing around this morning on what I thought was my "tester" blog. Oops, I just noticed that I totally demolished my regular blog, so please bear with  me while I try to fix this...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food Inc.

Has anyone seen this documentary?  I came across it on Netflix last night and can't even describe how disturbing it was. So disturbing in fact, that I don't think I'll ever be able to eat meat again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pollen Be Gone (Please?)

Yay for a day off, finally! Boo for a pounding headache from hell thanks to the wonderful world of allergy-induced asthma :(  I had quite a few things I wanted to do today, but not being able to breath really puts a damper on things. Tune in tomorrow...

Monday, May 23, 2011

No Ex(er)cuses!

On Mondays I work at two different WW meetings and I love both of them. Our topic this week is about exercising and the excuses we make not to. Get it... exercuses?! :)  Anyways, since I only have a couple hours off in between meetings I don't usually work out on Mondays, but with this week's topic I thought I should practice what I preach.

I don't remember who posted it, but about a month ago I saw a speed-work routine that looked pretty doable, and pretty quick! I did it today and it was great! A total of 40 minutes and a ball of sweat later, I felt fantastic! For anyone interested:

- 5 minute warm-up walk
 - 5 min @ 6 mph
- 4 min @ 6.5 mph
- 3 min @ 7 mph
- 2 min @ 7.5 mph
- 1 min @ 8 mph
- Repeat runs
 - 5 minute cool-down walk followed by stretching


And as far as food went today:

-Quaker Weight Control Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
-1 tsp pure vanilla extract
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
*All this was mixed together

-Mex-y Mac
-Super Salsa
-2 Tbsp fat-free sour cream (Trader Joe's is the best, otherwise Breakstone)
*All this was mixed together

-Ginormous salad
-2 Tbsp lite Chipotle Ranch (Twin Tree Gardens)
-1/4 cup pistachios

I tend to eat pretty much the same things over and over again. If you want to know what's in something just look a post or two back. If I make something different I will put the ingredients next to it.  Once I figure out all this blog stuff, I'll try to make clickable links to my recipes.

And just a head's up- I work crazy hours from Tuesday - Thursday so I may not get a chance to post again until Friday. But I will definitely be back, and hopefully get this all madeover into something better organized. Until then, have a great week everyone!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Running, Rambling

Some of you may know that I've been having issues with my stomach which has brought my running to almost a stand-still. Today I was able to make it 5.25 miles before I started having problems. I'm gonna try to get an appointment with the gastroenterologist next week so that I can get this figured out, especially since I only have a month before I need to start my next round of HM training.  I'm thinking it's either IBS or maybe a gluten intolerance, but who knows. Food-wise, I'm doing well. I'm keeping my weight between 113 and 117.

In all honesty I really wish I would have started blogging while I was losing the weight. Don't get me wrong, I do find this all helpful as far as maintaining and with accountability (moreso at SP than here), but I kinda feel like an outcast. I don't know if that makes any sense.  Maybe I should try to change my blog to more of a "how I did it and how can I help others" sorta thing.

Anyways, one thing I am going to do is start posting my food here. Maybe by looking at what I generally eat, it will help someone else :)

I slept in today so I had a late breakfast/early lunch.

-Mex-y Mac  (EVOO, ground turkey breast, whole wheat elbows, super salsa, reduced fat shredded -Mexican cheese, cumin, mexican style chili powder, minced garlic)
-Homemade Super Salsa  (tomatoes, red onions, lime juice, cilantro, radishes, jalapenos, habaneros)
-2 Tbsp fat-free sour cream

-Huge salad (romaine lettuce, red cabbage, radishes, scallions, green olives, celery)
-2 Tbsp lite Chipotle Ranch dressing
-1/4c pistachios

-White chocolate PB2 pudding (Jell-O white chocolate sugar-free, fat-free pudding mix, 2 Tbsp chocolate PB2, skim milk) with 1/2 a banana

I generally eat more than this, but on days that I run, I'm not very hungry afterwards. Usually the next day is when I want to eat everything in sight!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been a bad blogger and I'm sorry. I figured with the world coming to an end in about 20 minutes I should at least post a farewell message ;)  Seriously though, I've been at kind of a crossroads lately and haven't had a whole lot to say, or the time to say it.  However, since I have tonight and tomorrow off I'll be doing a little redecorating here and will start posting again. Stay tuned...