Monday, January 28, 2013

Brooks PureFlow 2s are Pure Heaven!

"They" say you should gently break in new shoes, but the heck with all that! I was planning on doing my long run yesterday at a somewhat slower pace, but I also wanted to use intervals, so I didn't want to go too slow. I decided on 6mph/4mph and for the 1st 3 miles I did 2:30/:30 intervals and felt great. In case you're wondering this interval equals a 10:30 mile. The shoes felt wonderful on my feet. They are light-weight and almost "spongy" underneath my forefoot. In a good way! For the 4th mile I switched to 1:30/:30 because I wanted to see how much of a difference time-wise a mile would be compared to the 2:30/:30 (it ended up being an 11 minute mile). Doing this was a mistake though, because having the more frequent walk breaks just made me want to walk more. So for the 5th mile I went back to 2:30/:30. Then the 6th mile I switched to 2:1 but increased the running speed to 6.5mph for 1/2 mile and 7mph for the other 1/2 mile. Ended with a .25 mile cool-down walk.

Today was going to be a short recovery run, but because I felt so good I decided to do some speed work. I did 8 x 400 repeats. I did the first 7 at 7.5mph and the last one at 8mph. In between each repeat I walked for .15 miles. This was a GREAT workout and I was a sweaty mess when I finished up! My feet still felt great and no toe issues like I've had with the Newtons. I'm very happy with the Pure Flows!

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Unknown said...

Ah, that sounds nice! I love great feeling shoes. What a lovely thing.

You sound so happy!

:-) Marion