Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I learned from today’s long run…


But first, This Week in Review:

Yes I’m a bad blogger (again). I just can’t find the time to update this thing regularly. Probably because when I do have time, I spend it reading everyone else’s blog ;)  Not like I really have anything that interesting to blog about anyways. I eat, I run, I work. (And I shop when I can!) So here’s what this past week looked like (oh and again, the picture came out horrible, but I think it’s still somewhat readable):

New grocery items: Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese (french onion flavored) – Yummy!  Wholly Guacamole (classic) – again, Yummy!  And finally, Tofu! Nasoya Extra Firm. Believe it or not – also Yummy!

Oh, my P90X came early in the week, but I haven’t started messing with it yet.  I was kind of hoping my husband would want to try it out, but he’s still too busy with his PS3 ;)

I ran 21 miles last week! Woohoo! All good runs even! Today was another story, but I’ll get to that in just a minute.

On Friday, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up ‘Peas and Thank You’ by Mama Pea. I love her blog and already had a few of her “recipeas” printed out to try.  And thanks to Mama Pea, I have finally experimented with tofu (see above), and I liked it! Probably because of the marinade and broiling until almost burnt, but it was really good!  I highly recommend this book, but I suggest if you do get it, get it from Amazon because I paid double that at B&N :(

Speaking of Amazon, I ordered ‘The Happy Herbivore’ and ‘Veganomicon,’ and am anxiously awaiting their arrivals!  Lindsay (the Happy Herbivore) has a blog here, and Veganomicon is another of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s books.  Her blog is the PPK (Post Punk Kitchen), which can be found here.

What I learned from today’s long run…

1. Do NOT eat beans the night before a long run. Really, just don’t. TMI.

2. Do NOT wait until the hottest time of day to head into garage (where treadmill is), which is at least 15 degrees hotter than outside.

3. If you wait until you “need” a Gu, it’s too late.

4. Do NOT wear a non-fitting, non-sports bra. Especially one that is too big.  I spent so much time messing with “the girls” that the bra broke. Granted, it fit much better after I tied it into a knot to keep it on.

5. I am no longer allergic to bee stings. Unfortunately, I had to find this out the hard way.  Yes, I got stung while running.  Yes, it was during the same mile (the 4th, by the way) my bra broke.  It was also during the same mile I had to stop for a minute because I really “had to go.”  

6. The right song can turn it all around. I was considering just calling it a day and doing it over tomorrow. ‘Never Surrender’ by Triumph came on. I did not surrender :)

7. Running really is a mental sport. I had a full-blown argument with myself about not giving up. I thought about the people who have put me down, and who didn’t believe I could accomplish anything.  Umm, before I start going off on a tangent here, let me just move on…

8.  And the most important thing I learned today? 

I finally believe in me Smile


Vanessa said...

Great post!!! Running is such a mental game. Another great cookbook is "The 30 minute Vegan" and the "Urban Vegan" Both have great easy to make meals that have become "go to" meals for me. Tofu does rock if its made right ~ try some tempeh too its also yummy!

Laura (akaWonderWife!) said...

Thanks Vanessa! Putting them on my Amazon wish list right now! By the way, just had some more of the tofu in a soft taco salad. Have to mention that reheated, not so good :( I guess I should only cook as much as I'll be eating in one sitting! I'll be trying tempeh next! Thanks again!

Kim said...

Fantastic post! I could mainline Wholly Guacamole. I like the spicy one. YUMMMMY. I'm a newbie runner - loved that Keep Going graphic!