Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weight-loss, Running, Vegan diet, Shopping, and the Week in Review

It’s been another busy (yet super successful running-wise) week! I worked my crazy-long hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then when I got home Thursday night my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew were here to spend the night.

I got up early on Friday so I could get my run in before we went to do whatever it was we were going to do for the day, which turned out to be a trip to Cabelas.  My hubby and his sister (and my niece) are hunters Sad smile so they love all things Cabelas.  It actually turned out okay for me since I scored some Under Armour running stuff on sale! It also helps when I can shop in the kids department, Lol! I got a pair of biker-like shorts that are super comfy and a lightweight, short-sleeved running shirt.  We then went to Chili’s for lunch where I had an awesome black bean burger. Seriously, it was so yummy!  We came back home and while the kids were out playing on the 4-wheeler, I was able to get another run in! Twice in one day, yippee!  And instead of taking my rest day yesterday (Saturday) I decided to do some hill/interval work which got me another 5.45 miles in! 

Here’s what the week looked like:

Yeah, that came out horrible but here’s a summary:  My weight stayed between 114 – 115, I tracked ALL my food, and I ran 6 times! On Sunday I did 4.5 miles, Monday 4.75 miles, Wednesday 3.6 miles, Friday 3.4 in the morning and another 3.6 at night, and Saturday 5.45!  I’m going out for my long run today as soon as I upload this post.

I also joined the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Half-Marathon (details HERE):

And I’ve been adding new blogs to my Blogroll like crazy!  I’m a much better reader than writer, and most times when I plan on updating my blog, I end up spending too much time reading others and then don’t have time for my own Winking smile 

I also still don’t really feel like I fit into any particular blog category.  Yes, I’m a runner but I don’t run to “race” and I prefer to run by myself.  Running is just my personal, happy place/pace sorta thing, ya know?  Which is probably why I jumped when I saw the aforementioned Virtual Run!

I’m not really a weight-loss blog seeing as how I’ve already lost the weight.  And while I am a lifetime Weight Watcher (and also work for them), I don’t count points (I lost my weight following the Core i.e. Simply Filling plan). I do still, however, track everything, but I use for that instead of WW.

I don’t really count as a Vegan blog since I’m only 2 months into my Vegan journey and still learning.  And I don’t create recipes; I make the recipes other Vegan blogs post ;)  Unless of course, I happen to get lucky throwing things together in the kitchen, which DID in fact happen yesterday! Look for an upcoming post on my Asian Boca Concoction, hehe :)

But yet, I AM a combination of all of the above!  I’m a (mostly) healthy veg*n runner who rambles about whatever strikes me, which is usually pertaining to weight-loss/maintenance, a vegan diet, running, shopping, and those who follow the same sort of lifestyle Smile

Ok done rambling and not even sure what brought that on, but anyways, I’m off for my run. Happy Sunday!


Fat in Suburbia said...

I love that your blog is a little bit of everything! Keep on being you!

Caron said...

You really must be wonderwife to be able to run in this heat. I make myself walk but it's hard.

My oldest daughter loves that black bean burger too.

I've never talked to anyone who did the Core program. Do they still have that? Since I have no stopping sense with food, it would never have worked for me.

jillconyers said...

Hi Laura from a new follower!

I joined HTH too. I'm hoping to get a 4th half in before the deadline. I seem to be obsessed with challenges this summer :)

Nice running week! Oh and by the way. I love the comic strip in your sidebar. Where did you find it?

Have a great day!