Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a quickie!

Not too much going on. Today was one of my 2 long days of the week. I left the house at 6 this morning and got back home at 8pm tonight. Round 2 tomorrow! On a positive note, I stopped on my way in to work this morning and joined Retro Fitness. I didn't have enough time to actually work out this morning but another girl at work belongs there so we are going tomorrow at lunch. I figure this way I can finally get some ST going. God knows I've been talking about doing it for long enough now! Then again, I didn't get to run today so I may just do that tomorrow instead ;)  One of these days I will get a normal routine back. Hopefully before spring!

Oh, and here's my new favorite Nike slogan. So true. At least it WAS true. Not anymore! Now I'm really doing it!

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