Saturday, February 19, 2011

Damn you, clearance racks!

I worked at WW this morning and then my husband wanted to go to Sports Authority to use up his gift card. I figured I would be okay since I don't really NEED anything right now. I do need some new earbuds but I took care of that yesterday, and ordered them on Amazon, along with a couple new running books, but anyways...  Hubby was over in the golf section looking for new gloves. I was browsing through the (don't be shocked now) running stuff, mostly gaping at some of the prices. I just don't understand how a shirt or a pair of running pants can be over $100. SMH. Seriously. A little farther back were the clearance racks. Jackpot! I thought to myself, "Self, you are broke so take it easy. 50 bucks, no more!"  Actually, I didn't go over by that much, and this pair of Adidas pants that I'm sitting here in while I type this, are super comfy! I think I'll be wearing them for my long run tomorrow. Along with the matching visor. And the sports bra/tank combo. And the Nike earbuds that I just couldn't pass up. Ugh. Next on my list of goals- no more shopping! Well, as soon as I get the replacement battery for my Polar, and a smaller chest strap. It's really annoying when as soon as I start to sweat, the strap falls down to my hips :(  On the other hand, it might be warm enough to run outside tomorrow, and in that case I can finally use the Garmin I got for Xmas! Yippee!

Oh, and after procrastinating for a week, I got my 10-miler registration form/check all sealed up and in a stamped envelope. I will be dropping it in the mailbox on my way to work tonight! This will be my longest run to date! The 21st annual Kutztown Fools Run on April 2nd.  Hmm, what to wear?   LOL!

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nwkate said...

Sounds like it is time to go shopping for an appropriate April Fool's Day running ensemble!