Sunday, February 20, 2011

7-mile Sunday, Nike review, and some WW rambling...

My hamstring felt much better this morning so I decided to go ahead with my long run today.  I put on my new Nikes and headed out (to the treadmill in the garage) :)  I was kinda worried about tummy issues as I totally scarfed out like a piggy last night. But everything went ok.  7 miles done! My longest run to date!

The Nike Review: As those (2) of you who read this blog know, I got a pair of Nike+ Free 7s the other day. I probably shouldn't have run all 7 miles in a new pair of shoes, but oh well...

By the end of the first mile I was seriously considering returning them. I was having some issues with my right forefoot and my toes kept going numb. The 2nd mile was a little better but my right foot was still messing with me. I figured I'd try one more mile and then change into my Ghosts. But, as with every other run so far, once I got into the 3rd mile, I entered my zone. My foot issues disappeared completely and to be honest, I didn't ever think about the shoes again. And, just like every other run, once I got to the 7th mile I didn't want to stop. I felt great and could have just kept on going!

So basically, the shoes are keepers. They are very comfortable and don't feel like minimalist shoes to me, other than they are very lightweight. My only complaint about them is how difficult they are to get into. While they look like regular shoes, the tongue part doesn't really open up, so you basically have to wiggle your foot into the front and then use your thumb to pull the heel part up. Overall though, definitely happy with them. 

My hamstring, however, is not happy again :(

In other news, I managed to track all my food this week on WW.  I haven't used e-tools to track my food since way before I even made it to goal/lifetime (May/June 2009). I lost most all my weight by following the Core plan and because of that I prefer the tracker at much better. But since I've been working at WW, I get all kinds of questions regarding the new plan, and I felt like I needed to be able to answer some of the questions.

My main concern was that I wasn't going to be able to eat 29 P+ in one day. Ha! Definitely nothing to worry about with that one! Other than Monday, I ended up using several weeklies every day, and then took the rest of them for last nights bad-food-blowout. I do still have 1 P+ left today that I most likely won't use, but only because there's no more chocolate left in the house ;)

So will I continue to track like this? My first thought is to say no, but you know what? It is really easy to use, and I am still paying for it, so maybe I will. I do know that I'm going back to tracking on SP as well, because I truly believe that I eat better when I see the actual nutrients and my daily recommendations for them. 

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nwkate said...

Glad to hear the Frees are working for you. Whatever works is the right shoe, in my book. Sorry to hear your hamstring is acting up.....don't suppose you can just tell it to shape up or ship out.

I know nothing about the new WW plan, but I have heard good things about it. Hope the tracking continues to be easy and useful!