Monday, December 10, 2012

Dark before the Dawn

It's been a long, difficult year that started when Chase passed away the first week of January. I couldn't find a job locally (besides part-time at Weight Watchers) so I was driving 2 hours each way back and forth 3-4 days a week to my "regular" job. We got a new puppy, Lucy, who was (is) more than a handful and required constant supervision. This kept me from my regular routine of running, studying, computer time, etc... I know- excuses, excuses. I also gained 10 pounds this year. I was registered to run a half-marathon on October 28th but then I dislocated my ankle. I didn't go to the actual race but I did run (well, more like hobble) the HM on my treadmill so I wouldn't feel like a complete loser. Then to top it all off, at the beginning of November my husband got laid off and we lost our house with less than 30 days notice to move.

But things are beginning to look up! We moved into a new place last week, which I already LOVE! I'm only 15 miles from work so I started back full-time as of today. Lucy is 11 months old now so she's getting a bit easier to handle, and she's already made a lot of new friends here! We're in a dog-friendly subdivision and the main road is a 1.15 mile loop, so we walk that anywhere from 2-5 times per day. Hubby just went on a 2nd interview and should be starting a new job (with a higher salary) on January 1st. And I found a half-marathon in April that's less than 5 miles from our new home :)  I'm also back to tracking my food and being mindful of what I'm eating.

So I'm not waiting for January 1st to make a new start. I'm doing it now! Who wants to join me?


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Laura! Well, I've had similar terrible years filled with frustration. (2010 was one of them, when I gained 18 pounds due to horrible person living in our home who criticized me constantly.) But fortunately, they don't last. It already sounds like things are turning around for you. I'm glad. You deserve the best.

:-) Marion

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear things are looking up! Cheers to 2013 being a kick ass year.

Laura Runs a Latte said...

Thank you both! Things are definitely starting to look up!

Caron said...

Wow, Laura! You were not kidding about this being a challenging year. I'm so glad things are improving and that you are getting back to "normal".

Keep us posted. Love hearing from you. Merry Christmas. :)