Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marathon Training!

Today is Day 1 of Marathon training and if all goes well I should be doing my first 26.2 mile-run on Feb 19th!  After going back and forth between two different training programs, I actually ended up settling on a third (one of Jeff Galloway's plans).  I'll be doing shorter runs on Wednesdays and Fridays, and my long runs on Sundays.  I did very little "tweaking" of the program; I only added an extra week at the beginning so that my Farm Sanctuary run (on World Run Day 11/6/11) falls on an 11-mile long run day.  So I guess I'll be doing 11 miles instead of 10 :)

Here's what the Sundays look like:

Week 1:  6 miles
Week 2:  7.5 miles
Week 3:  9 miles
Week 4:  5 miles
Week 5:  11 miles (Run for Farm Sanctuary / World Run Day)
Week 6:  5 miles
Week 7:  13 miles
Week 8:  5 miles
Week 9:  15 miles
Week 10:  4 x 1
Week 11:  17 miles
Week 12:  6 x 1
Week 13:  6 miles
Week 14: 20 miles
Week 15: 8 x 1
Week 16: 7 miles
Week 17: 23 miles
Week 18: 10 x 1
Week 19: 6 miles
Week 20:  26 miles (Eek!)
Week 21:  6 miles
Week 22:  12 x 1
Week 23:  6 miles
Week 24:  29 miles (Really?!)
Week 25:  6 miles
Week 26:  14 x 1
Week 27:  7 miles
Week 28:  Marathon!

If I follow the plan exactly, Marathon Day will be April 15, 2012. That may be cutting it kinda close to my next half-marathon which is April 29th, so there will probably be some changes.  Especially since I won't be running an actual marathon until September.  Do I really need a 29-mile training run?!  What I'll most likely do is either 1) Get rid of Weeks 24 and 25, in which case I would have a full month before the half, or 2) Stop at  Week 20, which will be 26 miles. And at this point, all I really want to know is that I CAN do it!

Any opinions?


Sarah said...

My opinion? Holy crap, you're amazing!

You go girl!


Sarah said...

My opinion? Holy crap, you're amazing!

You go girl!


affectionforfitness said...

It sounds like a good long-term plan that counts on progressively getting to the marathon. I'll be cheering you on during your training!

:-) Marion

TheCrazyMango said...

Okay, what did I miss? You are training for a full marathon but not actually running it?

Laura (akaWonderWife!) said...

Thanks you all for the kind words!

Mango, I'm not running the full marathon until next September. I'm doing a "dry run" of this training program just to make sure I can do it (even though I already know I can do anything I set my mind to!) :)

The only "official" races I have in the next 6 months are the 10-mile (which will now be 11 miles) run for Farm Sanctuary on 11/6 and the St. Luke's Half Marathon on 4/29.

Tough Guy said...

It was a great marathon training, I love the race shirt- it's really cute. Congratulations for a great job well done and looking forward always.

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