Friday, July 1, 2011

HM training, Day 1 - I joined the PeTAPack!

So it begins! My first half marathon is 12 weeks away, and I figured I would join one of those "team in training" groups for a little added motivation, hehe. After perusing several worthy causes, my heart kept leading me back to something involving animal rights. Which of course, lead me to PeTA. While I admit that I think some of their activists are a little extreme, I do fully support what PeTA stands for! And they also just happened to have a 12-week training program ;)

For anyone interested, here is my support page (Please don't feel obligated to donate anything, I just wanted to share).

Day 1: 2-mile easy run.

Unfortunately, the golf course was (as usual) way too crowded, and it was too late to go out gallivanting anywhere else, so I headed into the garage to the treadmill. It wasn't a very easy run in the 100-degrees, but I did it :)

P.S. I'm at over a month now as a vegetarian. I've had no desire for any kind of meat or eggs, but I'm not quite dairy-free (yet).

Hope you all have a Happy and healthy holiday weekend!

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Caron said...

Thanks Laura for the information about sweeteners. So confusing.

I am kind of intrigued that you've continued on as a vegetarian. I would hate to give up eggs and dairy. Eggs are such good cheap protein and I wonder if I can get enough calcium without dairy. I read last week that calcium supplements will cause a stroke. Really? I take one about every other day.

I think it is strange that the only time I hear about PeTA is when one of their over zealous people decides to throw paint on someone wearing a fur coat. I'm sure they must do some good things too. :)