Monday, October 25, 2010

Why are you taking this class?

So I was just flipping through one of my (9, yes NINE!) Humanities textbook(s) for my November 1st class, and saw that my first assignment will be writing an essay on why I chose to take this class. Ugh. Do I make up something that sounds like I "wanted" to take this class... I enrolled in Humanities 103 because I'm fascinated by the history and subjects of art. Oh look- a picture of a bowl of fruit! Um. No. I'm taking this class because it's a requirement for my degree (though I have no idea how this relates to Laboratory Animal Science) and I have already put it off as long as I possibly can. I would much rather have this be my first assignment for Advanced Algebra. I actually picked that one because I -wanted- to. However, since perusing the algebra textbook (yes booK, no plural, only one, as it should be!) I think I must have been insane. This is definitely not going to be the "blow-off" 12 weeks I originally thought :(

Please. just. kill. me. now.

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