Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first 10k (not racing, just running :))

I am so excited! I went out this morning for B210k w7d2. Thought I'd try running earlier in the morning so that I wouldn't have to play obstacle course with the golfers. Well what a difference! I had the whole course to myself (besides my husband and the guys who work here) and it was wonderful!

It was pretty chilly when I left the house. I didn't check the temperature but I had on long running tights, my "Waddle On" tank top, and a sweatshirt over. Also wore 2 pairs of socks, and put the super-expensive custom insoles into my shoes (they were so expensive I had been saving them, LOL!). And off I went...

It was cold out there! Usually I have my sweatshirt off and tied around my waist before I finish the first mile, but this morning I kept it on until between miles 3 and 4. When I did take it off, I think that's when I knew this was going to be a special run :)

My B210k timer went off just after mile 5. Since I started C25k and continuing into B210k I always get a little sad when it's over. Sometimes it's a relief, but for the most part I hate to stop. So today, I didn't. And let me tell you, I have NEVER felt so good as I did between miles 5 and 6! Seriously, I can't even express the sheer pleasure that was coursing through me!

Just as my timer signaled mile 6 I ran into the first group of golfers. I figured that was my higher power telling me it was time to stop, and not to overdo it. I pulled out my phone and pushed myself as hard as I could until I saw the 6.2. Then I turned it off and walked home :) So actually I ended up going about 7 miles, but I really don't even remember the walk home. And I still can't stop smiling!


Miss Maebe said...

At first I didn't know what B210k was, so I had to google it! It's nice to know there there's somewhere to go after I get through C25K...whenever that will be ;P

Jessica said...

That is awesome!