Monday, May 23, 2011

No Ex(er)cuses!

On Mondays I work at two different WW meetings and I love both of them. Our topic this week is about exercising and the excuses we make not to. Get it... exercuses?! :)  Anyways, since I only have a couple hours off in between meetings I don't usually work out on Mondays, but with this week's topic I thought I should practice what I preach.

I don't remember who posted it, but about a month ago I saw a speed-work routine that looked pretty doable, and pretty quick! I did it today and it was great! A total of 40 minutes and a ball of sweat later, I felt fantastic! For anyone interested:

- 5 minute warm-up walk
 - 5 min @ 6 mph
- 4 min @ 6.5 mph
- 3 min @ 7 mph
- 2 min @ 7.5 mph
- 1 min @ 8 mph
- Repeat runs
 - 5 minute cool-down walk followed by stretching


And as far as food went today:

-Quaker Weight Control Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
-1 tsp pure vanilla extract
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
*All this was mixed together

-Mex-y Mac
-Super Salsa
-2 Tbsp fat-free sour cream (Trader Joe's is the best, otherwise Breakstone)
*All this was mixed together

-Ginormous salad
-2 Tbsp lite Chipotle Ranch (Twin Tree Gardens)
-1/4 cup pistachios

I tend to eat pretty much the same things over and over again. If you want to know what's in something just look a post or two back. If I make something different I will put the ingredients next to it.  Once I figure out all this blog stuff, I'll try to make clickable links to my recipes.

And just a head's up- I work crazy hours from Tuesday - Thursday so I may not get a chance to post again until Friday. But I will definitely be back, and hopefully get this all madeover into something better organized. Until then, have a great week everyone!


Caron said...

I'd better get to that meeting tomorrow to get some more motivation for continuing my exercise. That's the hardest part of the living healthy program for me. :)

Laura Belle said...

I'm going to have to try that work out! Sounds like a great way to burn a buttload of calories!

Caron said...

Thanks for checking on me. I am going to the 4:30 meeting as I missed the two morning meetings. My leader loves exercise so this will be a good one. :)